Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cigarettes: as yummy and cute as lollipops and ice cream!

Copyranter shared these unbelievably despicable ads for a Russian brand of cigarettes clearly targeting female teens (or perhaps tweens):

Apparently, the ads were pulled by a government regulator, and that action is being appealed by perhaps the most awful marketers on the planet.

(BTW, Google Translate gives the copy as: "Thoughts in the style of Kiss! I love everything new, delicious and round!" – making these ads eve more disturbing.)

There is also very teenybopper collateral as part of the "Kiss Club", which asks members their age but will take people up to the birth year 2000:

Oh yeah, and Kiss Cigarettes come in fun flavours like "menthol", "Fresh Apple", "Energy" and "Dream"...

While against violence, part of me still wishes I could hate these people to death.

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