Tuesday, July 12, 2011

When it comes to social media, Feist gets it

Canadian expat chanteuse Leslie Feist **indie fanboy le sigh** posted this video on her Facebook news feed yesterday:

It's an unofficial fan video, set to the music of the lullaby-like "Now at last" from her 2004 debut Let it Die.

Other artists would damn and complain about unauthorized use of their material. Feist, on the other hand, shared it with the note, "Robotic humanity. So sweet.... thanks for making this."

Feist became an international star in 2007 with her second album, The Reminder, (and especially when she and her music appeared on an Apple iPod commercial and Sesame Street) but she has not released a studio album since.

She is rumoured to be working on new material in an Icelandic studio this year. So the opportunity to stay relevant is timely, to say the least.

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