Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lingerie brand niche markets to transgendered women

Model Maya was born a physical man. She is now a woman. And she is the face of Chrysalis Lingerie, a brand made specifically "to resolve issues of the Transgender experience so that you can concentrate on more important things."

Shot in typical sexy underwear ad fashion, it nonetheless takes you aback as Maya talks about her real world suffering and identity struggle.

While Maya has (presumably) had cosmetic surgery to further feminize her body, Chrysalis also offers "bras made to hold custom full-cup inserts and panties that effectively tuck, hold and smooth out for the perfect seamless look."

And while neither the commercial nor the target market makes me particularly uncomfortable, the idea of underwear that can tuck, hold and smooth... things... definitely does. But that's just me. **shifts awkwardly in chair**

Via Adrants


  1. She was born a man?! That must have hurt her poor mother!

    1. I'm pretty sure birth is painful for most moms...