Tuesday, September 20, 2011

IKEA now provides in-store daycare for husbands and boyfriends?

Yes, it's obviously a clever PR gag.

From news.com.au:

"You've probably seen the 'boyfriend chair' in clothing stores for bored shopping companions.

Now IKEA has taken the concept one step further by creating a “crèche” for retail-weary men, complete with Xbox consoles, pinball machines, continuous televised sport and free hot dogs.
MÄNLAND is being trialled for four days this Father's Day weekend [Sept 2 in Aus.] as a male-only play space to hang out in while wives and girlfriends peruse the aisles.

Publicity manager Jude Leon said the idea was modelled on the Swedish furniture giant’s existing child play area, SMALAND.

Ms Leon said women were given a buzzer to remind them to collect their other half after 30 minutes of shopping."

Although I have to admit, sexism aside, I can only stand shopping with my beloved for maximum 20 minutes per store. But that's what shopping mall bars are for...

Are you offended by this? Or is it just good-natured payback for centuries of putting the women down?

(Tip from Tastefully Offensive)


  1. About time. Maybe I'll finally get to troll the basement in peace and quiet.

  2. *Shrug* I'm not offended. Then again, I *LIKE* shopping so I probably wouldn't use it!

  3. Yay! Somewhere to drop my husband while I shop!! No, I'm not offended..it's perfect! But only for 30 minutes? Not nearly long enough.

  4. I'm more offended because I expected something smarter from IKEA. Bud Light has been running a variation of this as a TV spot for the past two hundred years.

    However, your end comment is a bit like saying "Maybe it's good natured payback for all those years of racism." Like racism, sexism is sexism, no matter how you slice it.

  5. You're right, Evan. I was just being a little facetious.