Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Agent Provocateur provokes... the 99%?

I haven't really touched on the Occupy Wall Street movement in here, because its politics are complicated and many others do a better job of covering it than I would.

But as the civil disobedience continues to mount, and the wealthy themselves are being directly blamed, you can leave it to the fashion industry to continue marketing luxury goods using ultra-decadence as an aspirational branding strategy.

This Agent Provocateur video [contains sexualized nudity, via Animal NY] is a perfect example.

AGENT PROVOCATEUR 'SOIREE' COMMERCIAL from LoveHate Productions Ltd on Vimeo.

Pretentious, debauched and out-of-touch with reality, it makes me wonder if this was what it felt like to be a Roman noble during the bread riots.

"Satyri...what? I thought we were doing Kubrick!"


  1. that is an homage to helmut newton, right?


  2. I don't particularly like this spot, but this is fantasy... if we're talking Wall Streeters you probably can't pick and choose your advertising 'in light of'. I would say most of it would be considered decadent and/or pretentious and decadence can be subjective. Not that I don't have issues with this... just not in a 99% context.

  3. I don't disagree, Kerry. It just juxtaposed me that way when I was reading this mornings RSS newsfeed.