Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Awesome Omaha hardware chain promotes zombie preparedness

So, the zombie apocalypse is upon us. You're going to need axes, chainsaws, wrecking bars, and lots of survival gear. Fortunately, most of it is available at your neighbourhood hardware store.

But why wait until the evil dead arise and start hungering for brains? You'll have to weave through shambling hordes of them to break into the hardware store, and it could all be for nothing if some other survivalist got there first. So if you're in or around Omaha, stock up today at Westlake Ace Hardware's Zombie Preparedness Center!

Liz Benditt, Westlake's director of customer relationship development, told Omaha.com "If we can help you with your lawn and your home, we can help you with the zombie apocalypse."

As you can see below, they even play both sides, offering zombies a way to "Delay Your Decay" (PDF).

The effort is an attempt to turn younger consumers on to the higher level of service and engagement offered by smaller hardware stores. And I think it's working. Their Facebook and Twitter are also worthwhile distractions.

Campaign by Omaha PR/ad agency Bozell
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