Friday, October 21, 2011

F'd Ad Fridays: What's under the makeup?

Via Illegal Advertising:

This ad for Dermablend is actually pretty effective at selling its product. After all, if you can make Zombie Boy  pass for having virgin skin, this stuff will probably do a great job of hiding your '90s tramp stamp from your parents-in-law, or a hickey from your coworkers.

Rico Genest is a Canadian guy who has been covering himself in tattoos since he was 16. His look caught the eye of Lady Gaga, who featured him (and imitated his tatts) in her "Born This Way" video.

Which is interesting, because he was born more the way he looked after the makeup, even though it is twice removed from nature:

I don't know how durable this stuff is, but you could almost make a fashion out of changing your skin tone to match your mood or the crowd you're with. Or disguise yourself just for fun.

Anyway, here's a making of:

Happy Weekend.

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