Thursday, October 27, 2011

How would ad agencies prefer to depict women's body issues?

Copyranter shared a link about a challenge South Africa's Marie Claire put out to agencies there:

"We asked six advertising agencies to design posters that challenge our perceptions on what the perfect body is. Would any of  these campaigns alter the way you feel about your body? ‘We don’t all have the same body type but, regardless of this, we are all perfect. So, what is it going to take for you to love your body?’ says ed Aspasia Karras. What are your thoughts on the various campaigns?"
Here are mine:
This one by Jupiter Drawing Room is pretty good.
This other one by Jupiter seems a little weak.
TBWA's seems like I've seen it on a T-shirt or video a poster or something
Jesus, TBWA. Come up with something new already.

Not bad, Canvas Lifestyle. Not groundbreaking, but at least it tells a story.
(Fun fact: I did not know Barbie had pink permapanties)
Cool one from King James RSVP. Very Dovesque, but I like the copy.
Morbid and uncalled for, M&C Saatchi

Ogilvy, meanwhile, let a Client Services intern write and design their entry.

Which ones do you like? Which ones do you hate? And has any of these agencies come up with a new insight?


  1. I actually like the second one - it is the only one that is a fresh thought for me.

  2. I agree with Stephanie, I rather liked the 2nd one.