Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oh joy oh joy! A button museum!

I try to keep some of my nerdiness to myself, but I can't contain it any longer: I love vintage novelty buttons.

I used to have a great big collection of them (along with pop bottles, and sundry other crap) that I kept in a drawer. Now I'll have to go looking for them, because the Busy Beaver Button Co. has opened an online Button Museum to show off their own treasures.

I found out about this via Buzzfeed, where Buzzer Jesse McNulty posted a collection of buttons from the sexual revolution.

Here are some highlights:

Man oh man. The collection apparently covers all eras and messaging:

I wonder if they'd be interested in my "Junk Food Junkie" or "Ban The Leg-Hold Trap" classics...

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  1. i recall seeing some of those sayings on tee-shirts. on a button, they can be cute. on a tee-shirt, they look very low brow and red neck-ish.