Monday, October 3, 2011

Sleep like a baby

Using babies in adult situations to indicate comfort and innocence can end up looking creepy, but not this time. The mattress (?) campaign from Grey Indonesia seems to get the right balance of surprise and clear messaging:

Those of us who are parents know babies don't sleep like that for long, but when they do they are the epitome of contentment. The couple is my favourite, because it manages to portray familiar intimacy without being inappropriately sexual.

Via Ads of The World


  1. the first one reminds me of a rosebud / 'citizen kane' scene, or one that could / should be?

    great ads, with great layouts and attention to clothing folds details.


  2. My kids still sleep like that and they're 8 and 10. Everyone should sleep with such abandon.

    These ads do strike a very nice balance.