Monday, November 14, 2011

FEMEN find a new home on Google+ (painted nudity)

Ukrainian topless activists FEMEN, who seem most at home on old fashioned Livejournal, have never really felt welcome on Facebook. Since their main protest tactic is to take their shirts off and fight with police, it's not surprising that the prudes at Facebook often delete their photos and even ban the group.

Well, now they're testing the waters on Google+. So far, the new social network (unlike Google property YouTube) has not been particularly censoring of content. It will be interesting to see how FEMEN make use of the freedom.

Although, since they update in Ukrainian, I may need Google Translate as well.


  1. Google's never been big on outright censorship, but they may decide to add some kind of opt-in filtering in the future (like they have with image search). I notice that the Android Market also has a self-asserted "content rating" specified for every app (the Twitter app, for example, is "medium maturity"), and that probably points the way that G+ will take.

  2. Self-set tolerance filters, like GIS, would be smart. Of course, lots of stuff still pop through safe search, but it's something. They have also become much less stringent on YouTube.