Wednesday, November 16, 2011

FEMEN-ized communist propaganda posters

I'll admit it—although I am occasionally critical or sarcastic about their tactics, I am a FEMEN fanboy. And it's not just for the obvious reasons. They keep coming up with interesting and artistic ways to get their message across.

This collection of altered Soviet-era propagada posters, shared on their Google+ page, present the Ukrainian activist cause with a wink and a smirk.

Ukraine is not a brothel!

Youth to the stadiums!

People's dreams come true!

Good my beauty - all at the show will enjoy!

Milkmaids, achieve good yields of milk from each cow

Cultural serviced every visitor!

Give us a breast size?

Come, comrade, to our Femen!

All world records must be ours


  1. now THAT'S propaganda!


  2. but too bad it is in russian. shame, femen!


  3. I wish femen would femen-ize Communist Chinese Chairman Mao crap! oh please! I will help you do it and we can do a whole product range in chinese! ...I love these! :)

  4. Poster No. 5 "I helped fill the milk quota!"

    Poster No. 6 "Hooters Moscow"