Tuesday, December 13, 2011

That's one powerful bra!

Marc shared a post from Adformatie, which showed this bus shelter campaign for push-up bras from HEMA, a Dutch retail chain:

Those of you who are very familiar with the weird and wild world of fashion are now exclaiming, "That's a man, man!!!"

And it is. Andrej Pejić is the androgynous European model of the moment.

So, you see, the bra's so good, it made you ogle a dude's moob cleavage.

Agency: Doom & Dickson
Concept: John de Vries, Rene Verbong
Art director: John de Vries
Account: Frieda Ulsamer de Waard, Karin van Dalen
Photographer: Wendelien Daan, Unit
Client: Rosa Arents, Caroline Turennout (HEMA)

Thanks to AdFreak and Copyranter for the linkbacks.

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