Monday, January 30, 2012

Columbus as Creative?

I'm not sure the payoff is worth it on this short film promoting the Iberoamerican Advertising Festival, but it still rings true as a message about creative frustration.

Unfortunately, Chris's "brilliant" idea was actually terrible. Although the fact that the Earth is round was well-known in his time, he was convinced that the globe was much smaller than the ancient Greeks had calculated. Since nobody knew the Americas were there, the experts at the time assumed that the explorers would starve to death in a vast sea between Europe and Asia. Finding land in the Caribbean was pure, dumb luck. (Although he may have been tipped off about the existence of Newfoundland by Portuguese fishing fleets.)

In other words, comparing Columbus to a brave Creative is like saying we are deluded egomaniacs who occasionally, blindly, land on something we can exploit.


via Ads of The World

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