Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Crystal Light sexes up advertising for women

"I'm going to get wet..."

It's sexist, but it's also in interesting development. A Crystal light ad that has women making outrageous puns about their sexual response to a hunky male.

It's the kind of thing we're used to seeing with the roles reversed, with the everyday guys ending up with buxom bikini babes. It's a very male approach:  Instead of showing the women the bodies they "should" have, the ad shows them the biological reason for trying to be more attractive.

Does this way of looking at it make it okay? No, it's still sexual objectification.

Does it even the score? Not  even close.

Nonetheless, as a man I'm not at all bothered by the approach. What do my women readers think?

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  1. This offensive ad should go straight to Ms. Magazine's "No Comment" page.

  2. > This offensive ad should go straight to

    being the basis of more ads like it! i mean, if the fellah's get the sexy babe ads, why shouldn't the women get the hunky guy ads?