Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Spexism: Men want boobs, women want diamonds


The first of these spec ads for Baygon bug dope appeared yesterday on Illegal Advertising. Aimed at young guys, and featuring the inevitable boobies, it's actually a pretty interesting reading of the popular proverb, -"If you think something small can't make a difference, try going to sleep with a mosquito in the room."

The Dream from Jerome Genevray on Vimeo.

The Vimeo link leads to a "female" version as well. And while I can have a good laugh at the poor guy in the former getting his dream cock-blocked by a parasite, it seems that women fantasize about something entirely different:

The Bride from Jerome Genevray on Vimeo.

...marriage? Okay, the creative team of Jerome Genevray & Eric Esculier lost me there by playing a trope as old as the hills. Too uncomfortable to show a woman's sexual fantasies, guys? Think they're really turned on by diamonds, and not hot sex as well? At least be equal opportunity in your sex-crazed advertising.

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