Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Canada for President!

"In our riots, people get laid"
This cute video proposes a third option to cynical American voters for the 2012 Presidential Election: Canada.

Think about it: better healthcare, a stronger economy, poutine... we really have a lot to offer. And, as the Canada Party points out, we've been getting more American lately anyway.

The video could have been much funnier, but according to an interview in the Scottish ad blog, The Drum, there are many more campaign ads to come between now and November.

Here's the background:

"[Brian] Calvert and American-born writer Chris Cannon developed the idea while throwing around concepts for a politically-based comedy project and Cannon's idea of Canada as a political party. 
Of the present US election debate, Calvert says, 'I can't believe anyone can see who to vote for.' 
Filmed in a friend's living room, the video has the national anthem, O Canada, playing softly in the background as Calvert pokes fun at both America and his homeland. 
Running on a platform of 'America, but better,' Calvert explained the theme was actually a position many political candidates were taking: restoring American to its former glory.
Putting aside that it's a country and not a person, Calvert acknowledges that Canada was not born in the U.S. 
'But the first seven presidents weren't born in America," he says. "Both of our parents are the British, so it's like we're brothers.'"


  1. I've been saying for years that the US is the kid that got mad at the rules and moved out of the parents (ie Britain's) house, where Canada was the kid that hung out and played video games until we we're told to go get a job and our own county. (Quebec is the angry step-child that never asked to be there anyway)