Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How my generation saw the future when we were kids

In 1976, some American children were asked to picture the world in 100 years. Paleofuture shared a collection of them (which ended up on Buzzfeed).

I hope todays babies are ready for this, because here's how the next few decades will play out:

Fourth-grader Lisa Gilvar's Jetsons-inspired bubble-top homes 

Eduardo del Villas imagines the world of 2076 with jetpacks

Joanne Connaire imagines peace on earth in the year 2076 
Robert Berman's robot president of the year 2076


Tina Kambitsis imagines a new Garden of Eden after nuclear apocalypse.
(By the way, Gen Y, that stuff on the man? That's body hair.)

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