Thursday, February 23, 2012

Is this ad saying what I think it is?

Maybe not. Hopefully not.

This campaign from Euro RSCG for a social network encouraging trading features scenarios of people who have things each other want. But it's not good advertising for a place to make trades, since in the other two cases the "trade" is an uneven one born out of desperation and greed:

Toilet paper girl wants nice shoes. Lifesaver boy wants to be captain. But what does the Chinese food delivery guy want with the dog?

Yeah, I'm being disingenuous. But you'd never get away with that joke where I live. At least, not in print.

Via Ads of The World


  1. I love this campaign and have no clue what you are talking about. Your words do not make any sense to me. Don't be such a hater. I never commented on any work because I know how hard it is to come up with a good idea since I m working in one of the best agencies in the world. I would like to see once work you have done which is better than this one. Or are you just a hater who has nothing better to do than writing mean comments on other peoples work. Oh my god how much I despise people like you. Sorry but you suck ass.

    1. "Your words do not make any sense to me."

      Read them again. My criticism of the bad brand message is pretty straightforward. I was being more indirect in my accusations of racist stereotyping because it's too obviously wrong to bother getting angry about.

      As for my work, you'll have to look me up. Unlike you, I put a name to what I do.

  2. ... maybe the delivery guy just wants the companionship of man's best friend?

    Yeah, I'm feeling optimistic today :-P

  3. the stereotype is that the meat in chinese food is from dogs.

    geez, doncha's know your stereotypes?

    here's one: ad blogs attract anonymous commenters who use the anonymity to post cuss words.