Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Models are Revolting!

Well, not really. They're just organizing.

The Model Alliance Video Campaign from The Model Alliance on Vimeo.

Not quite a union, it seems, but a not-for-profit advocacy group that lets models report violations of labour laws and worse.

Here are The Model Alliance's goals:

1. Provide access to affordable health care.
2. Promote greater financial transparency.
3. Ensure that existing child labor laws are enforced.
4. Establish a grievance and enforcement system for issues of sexual harassment.
5. Draft a code of conduct that sets industry-wide standards for castings, shoots and shows.
They've even drafted a modelling bill of rights. It's a good idea. Even the minor-league models I've known over the years have been subject to poor working conditions and sexual harassment.

Sure, you might think of awful supermodels and be unmoved. But think of the thousands of anonymous men, women, boys and girls who are chewed up and spit out by an industry that is the very definition of superficiality. They could use a rescue network.

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  1. I think this is a great idea. Too many times we seen young teenage female and male models that are subject to very poor working conditions. These are only kids and thrown into an intense adult industry.