Monday, February 13, 2012

My sister-in-law, the pornographer*

*Not really.

But Bonnie Robinson, with whom I have been proud to have been related by marriage for almost 24 years, did take the prize for Best Local Film in the Odessa Filmworks' fourth annual erotic film festival, "Painted Lips and Lolly Licks".  Bonnie was writer and producer of YOW! Productions' and Coffee From Hell Productions' entry, "Room 218", directed and co-produced by Andrew Alexander.

What's really cool about this short winning is that it's not sexy at all. In fact, it shows the awkwardness and even pain that goes into preparing for a casual dating sexual encounter that leaves both parties fairly unfulfilled. We see ordinary people craving love, giving in to lust, and ending with nothing. Actors Jodi Morden and Nicolas Di Gaetano do a great job of looking like they're going through the motions, whether it's plucking hairs or knocking boots.

Room 218 from YOW Productions on Vimeo.

I'd love to know exactly what celebrity film fest judge Kimberly Kane thought when she saw the film. Was she refreshed to see sex shown as something mundane and unembellished? Did she empathize with the woman looking in the mirror as she stoically prepared her body for presentation to a lover?

I have no idea. But I am a proud brother-in-law.

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