Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The complete Axe guide to horrible female stereotypes

Earlier this week, I shared the lameness that was Axe's "trick the smart girl into boning you" ad.

What bad body wash and low self esteem will get you.
Today, Adrants shared the rest of the series of Axe ads based on female stereotypes:

Notice something strange about the series as a whole? While the "Brainy Girl" ad was about the douchey Axeman manipulating his date into thinking he cared about her cultural interests, it seems the theme of the ads was supposed to be about long-suffering boyfriends who will do anything for sex.

To recap:

Sporty Girls are turned on by violently competitive jerks.
Flirty Girls dig threesomes with meek men.
High Maintenance Girls want a total doormat.
Party Girls want guys who do lots of really hard stimulant drugs.

And apparently, Brainy Girls like great big frauds.

What's strange is that the "Brainy Girl" is the only one who isn't a completely inconsiderate bitch. Why does she deserve an Axe douche for a boyfriend?

'Tis one of the great mysteries of advertising.

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