Monday, March 19, 2012

Hilarious political bus wrap gaffe

This bus wrap, for Alberta Wildrose Party leader Danielle Smith, is quite the "oops".

CBC reports that the campaign office is concerned that this design "oversight" is a "distraction" and that it  will be changed immediately. I'm amazed the bus ever saw the light of day.

Ms. Smith is running in the 2012 Alberta provincial election in the southern riding of Highwood. She describes herself as a conservative who is "libertarian and pro-choice."

So, lets just have a good chuckle over the mistake and let her get back in the saddle. She deserves our respect. Just as soon as we get this image out of our minds.

Thanks to Eric for sharing.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, that's unfortunate.

    Her political stance is a good reminder that we sometimes carelessly use the terms "conservative" or "right-wing" to describe both authoritarian-leaning people who believe that the government should interfere a lot in people's lives (police snooping, airport security theatre, bans on abortion, restrictions on marriage rights, etc.), and libertarian-leaning people who believe that the government has no business telling people what they should and shouldn't be allowed to do (including who they can marry, and what they can do with their own reproductive systems).