Wednesday, March 14, 2012

McDonald's attempts to manufacture another meme #shamrocking

Apparently not fazed by the #McDStories hashtag disaster, McDonald's is again attempting to seed its own "grassroots" social media campaign.

This time, it's a sponsored post on Buzzfeed, complete with amateur-looking pictures and a video.

The pitch:

"Have You Tried #Shamrocking Yet?
The Irish jig has been an expression of joy since the 16th century, and thanks to the hot new viral trend of #Shamrocking, it's making a modern day comeback. Check out some of these high-stepping #Shamrockers, then get out there and treat your friends to a shake and make them dance with delight!"
Irish stereotypes aside (since we're used to those in March) this retail appropriation of stupid photo memes like planking, horsemaning and tebowing is just asking for trouble. (Not to mention that the term "shamrocking" already has some disgusting and/or random double-meanings at Urban Dictionary.)

At least, I hope people will subvert this cynical attempt to manipulate people into creating free viral advertising. Otherwise, I may lose a little more faith in humanity.

Update: This story was picked up by AdFreak.

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  1. not that i would ever consume them, but i am always intrigued by the foods (and drinks) that fast food places invent. it's like watching an accident happen.