Monday, April 2, 2012

Copyranter goes upstream, joins Buzzfeed

I've been following Copyranter's blog at Blogger for years. One thing I figured out, once I started one of my own, was that the only way to get good tips and leads was to go upstream, to Buzzfeed, Reddit, Fark, and all those other clearing houses of internet stupidity.

Now, however, Copyranter's Mark Duffy (whose last name I did not know until today) has actually moved himself upstream, taking his blog to Buzzfeed.

Smart move, and presumably he'll get paid for his work now. At least I hope so. But after being so used to the bare-bones template of his old blog, the change is a little jarring right now.

At least he promises, "you will still find 'fucks' and dirty, unfunny jokes and misanthropy and hyperbole." So there's that.

Update: In their coverage, AdFreak added a link to the "about" post I missed, which explains that Copyranter has actually quit agency life and even posed for a photo:

Yeah, fuck you too Mark. And best of luck!

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