Thursday, April 5, 2012

"F*ck the Diet" - now THAT's a food slogan

Du Darfst is a German company that produces butter, cheese, sausages and other rather gluttonous foods. For their latest campaign, they have decided to create a movement, "Fuck the Diet", encouraging people to make nutritional contrariness part of their social identity.

In addition to the above video and links to a Facebook page the campaign site features advice from a nutritionist named Silke Kayadelen who says "I want to stay as I am!" It champions the approach of simple choices in food and exercise to enjoy life without getting fat. And it features recipes.

Yeah... I'm assuming this is aimed at women.

It may not be the most nutritionally sensible approach, but I sure do love the tagline.

Thanks to Tatjana Vukic for the tip!

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  1. There is just a little catch: "Du Darfst" is a line of low fat/diet food, so basically you pay more for less taste and a clear conscience after being bullied that you are too fat and should eat "Du Darfst" products for holding or losing weight. The company slogan "Ich will so bleiben wie ich bin" ("I want to stay as I am") was used for a long time in tv spots featuring near anorexic female athletes working out. Now it seems to be "Diet on while pretending you don't diet".