Friday, April 6, 2012

F'd Ad (Good) Fridays: What Would Jesus Shill?

via billboardom
The billboard above is a hack, obviously. But Jesus is often used and abused by lazy creatives as an easy way to shock the squares and get attention.

I do not believe in gods, but I do believe Jesus was real. He lived, he promoted a truly revolutionary philosophy of internal personal redemption in an oppressive regime, and as a result was brutally tortured and executed by them.

It's quite a story, even without the addition of coming back from the grave. A human story of vision, empathy, determination and almost unimaginable suffering that we can learn great lessons from. That's why I respect the man, even if I despise some of the hateful bullshit some of his so-called followers do in his name.

I also understand why people mock the divine Jesus that people hold up as an excuse to judge others (oh, the irony!). I just think the real guy on the cross deserves better than to be made the posthumous pitchman for...

Pizza. Via Ads of The World.

Clothing. Via Tumblr.
Shoes. Via Clarkyboy.
Online gambling. (Via Paddy Power.)
Condoms. Via Coloribus.
'70s jeans. Via Denimology.

Hot cross buns (from the pizzeria above). Via Gawker.

SUVs... and prejudice (must be fake). Via search 
Bread. Via Copyranter.
GPS systems. (Via The Inspiration Room)
Smartphones. (Via Photopol)

Jesus' "brand" has also been drafted into the service of cause marketing, promoting:

Vegetarianism. Via Free Republic.
Atheism. (Via Friendly Atheist.)
Road safety (as corporate social responsibility for Pernon). Via  the Inspiration Room)
Marriage equality. (

Interestingly, the irreverent nature of Jesus ads has resulted in more progressive Christian churches using playful Christ images to promote discussion about their faith:

The United Church of Canada. Via the Inspiration Room.

St. Matthews-in-the-City (New Zealand). Via Buzzfeed.
Even Muslims got into the act:
Via Muslim Village

What do you think of Jesus being used as borrowed interest for advertising? Funny? Blasphemous? Edgy? Unimaginative?

Whatever your creed, I wish you all a safe and happy Easter full of peace, love and renewal.

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  1. Here's the full pony campaign with the black jesus.