Thursday, April 12, 2012

London Mayor blocks "cure your gayness" transit campaign

The above king board was supposed to run on several buses in London, England, next week. That is, until the city's mayor intervened.

According to the Guardian, the ad by "Christian" organization Core Issues was blocked by London Mayor Boris Johnson in his capacity as Chair of Transport for London.

In case you haven't noticed, it parodies the popular human rights slogan, "Some people are gay. Get over it!"

He defeated the frickin' Balrog, so you may want to heed him.
Surprisingly, the Advertising Standards Authority, which bans every ad that upsets even a couple of people, cleared the creative in advance.

"We went through the correct channels and we were encouraged by the bus company to go through their procedures," Core Issues Trust leader Mike Davidson told the press.

But the Conservative Mayor would have none of it. "London is one of the most tolerant cities in the world and intolerant of intolerance," he said. "It is clearly offensive to suggest that being gay is an illness that someone recovers from and I am not prepared to have that suggestion driven around London on our buses."

Core Issues is crying "censorship" which is their prerogative. But assuming homosexuality is something you're born into, these ads as bad as promoting programmes to teach people to stop being Swedish, or stop being female.

Brian Paddick, the Liberal Democrat mayoral candidate, is gay. He made light of the situation.

"As mayor I want to make London a place that is welcoming to all people," he quipped, "including Christians."

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