Sunday, April 29, 2012

Someone is actually trying to patent a bra purse

This Kickstarter project states:

"We have all fallen victim to the pocketless dresses and even the dress pants with fake pockets. However, Kyle and Mariah, two students at the University of Washington, decided to create a way to give women options, free their hands, and let them party without worrying about a purse getting stolen."

I kind of get it, as a secret stash for mad money. But how practical is this thing when the bouncer asks the woman for ID and she starts unbuttoning her shirt? (Although it would probably get her on the guest list along with a backstage pass.)

And how exactly is she supposed to answer each one of the 20 texts per hour that the average young woman receives*?

As of this posting, they have raised $3,235 of their $4,000 goal, with 19 days to go. So I guess this thing may make it to market. In which case, we may have to rebrand the "booty call" to an entirely different set of anatomy.

* I pulled this fake stat out of my ass

Tip via Buzzfeed


  1. Best statistical footnote of the year. Thinking of inventing the boxer-brief pocket?