Monday, April 2, 2012

This Easter, give someone a real bunny to eat

Horrified vegetarians and rabbit-lovers aside, it's actually a great cause. For a $35 donation, Plan Canada will add matching funds and send an orgy of six sex-crazed rabbits to a family in the developing world to breed for food.

According to the site:

"Working out the math for this gift could keep anyone hopping. Six rabbits, which can breed up to 10 bunnies every 31 days, can also create an instant business for a family. That business means food on the table and an income to pay for housing, healthcare and education. All of which adds up to families in charge of their lives, children with opportunities, and hope that will reproduce just as rapidly as this gift."
Thanks to Because I am a Girl Canada for the great gift idea that can start to reverse the karma of all that non-fairtrade chocolate you've probably eaten.

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