Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Unhappy marriage? Have you tried vulva bleaching?

There's no more... umm.. delicate way to say it.

This appalling ad from India takes the old-school fear mongering of women over vaginal odour and adds India's bizarre obsession with skin-whitening products to create a veritable symphony of wrong:

From the YouTube link:
"Designed to address the problems women face in their private parts, Clean and Dry Intimate Wash offers protection, fairness and freshness. To be used while showering, its special pH-balanced formula cleans and protects the affected area, and even makes the skin fairer. Life for women will now be fresher, cleaner, fairer!"

"Do you ever feel, you know, not so bleached?"
 Jezebel sums up the international reaction to this appalling product and ad quite nicely:

"...this product—which, in addition to just being fucking insane, brings up painful issues about the hierarchy of skin tone within the Indian community. As if it isn't bad enough that darker-skinned people are encouraged to stay out of the sun and invest in skin-bleaching products like Fair & Lovely, and that white actresses are being imported to play Indian people in Bollywood movies, now everyone has to be insecure about the fact that their vaginas happen to be the color that vaginas are??? Splendid! God, I was just saying the other day that my misogyny didn't have enough racism in it."

You tell 'em, sister!

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