Thursday, May 24, 2012

The best sleeping bag ad campaign I've ever seen

I hope they work. The only thing I found a little odd was using such an American cliche in a campaign for the Czech Republic. But I do love the art direction. Perhaps because I have a thing for mid-century kitsch:

One of a dying breed along the Trans-Canada in eastern Quebec

Campaign by Y&R Prague, via Ads of The World.


  1. no. 3 is a take off on the old holiday inn sign, right? i do not recognize the origins of no.s 1 and 2, other than being classic 50s motel sign styles.

    great series!

    i wonder how the ads would look if they had used used some posh hotel(s) as the basis of the signs? those classic motel signs, while nostalgic, also bring along some 'roughing' it baggage: moldy rooms, worn out carpets, etc. what if their ads said 'more comfortable than the park hyatt toronto'?


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