Thursday, June 28, 2012

Is the "Buy a wife from Vietnam" ad for real?

A friend through FEMEN posted this on Facebook. Part of me really hopes it is fake. But in trying to authenticate it, I ran into this colour screencap of a "banner ad" version:

I then tracked it back to a three-month-old Reddit post.

Real or fake as the ad may be, this kind of thing does happen in the world.


  1. Sometimes its sad to know the reality!It is that time!!

  2. Trading virgin girls for money...sold by parents to powerful master... This exists since humanity began
    Virginity is not such an important matter for many tribes in africa where cut the hymen when very young girls.
    Someday we'll respect real value of human being.

  3. this is not right thing .........

  4. well, i believe that there must be some rules.. you dont just buy the woman & leave, everything should be legal & on paperworks, marriage certificates & government involvment, you dont buy the woman & do business by renting her when you both go back to your home country.. for gods sake, porn advertisments are more immoral, dangerous & out of illegality than buying a wife if you think about it..

  5. If the young women have a choice, it's not really 'buying' a wife. It's paying a matchmaker to match you up with a young woman who will marry you without getting to know you well, first. She's probably looking for a husband with more money than the men back home. I wonder if the wives they match men up with really look like the stunning models in the photo? Probably not most of them.

    Marrying strangers through arranged marriage isn't a new concept. In the "good old days" the parents or matchmakers would check the other person out or their family to make sure no one is of low moral character. I don't know who is looking out for the bride's interest (or the grooms) in this case.