Monday, August 6, 2012

Have you ever had a bad time in Levi's?

Via Retronaut

In my early copywriting days, I was taught that it was bad form to write a headline in the form of a question. "It makes the audience feel obligated to answer," I was informed, "so think of the worst possible answer they could come up with, and that's how they'll read the ad."

That said, how could anyone have a bad time in such festive pants? Levi's struggled to remain relevant in the '70s, before briefly regaining their dominance in traditional bluejeans in the 1980s.

I spent most of my teens and early 20s in those latter Levi's, and I can say that I did, in fact, have a few bad times in them.

More ads from the campaign here.


  1. interesting how the man's jeans have baggy knees, but the lady's do not.