Thursday, September 20, 2012

Obamagramming for the youth vote #forall

Considering that social media played such a huge part in inspiring Americans to vote for President Obama in 2008, I was wondering what 2012 would be like. After all, the landscape has changed.

Besides Pres. Obama's stiff, third-person Twitter feed and his AMA on Reddit, I haven't seen much worth remarking on. But then I saw a piece on The Wall about the Team Obama's infiltration of Instagram.

It's a nice little movement, perfectly in tune with the sensibilities of Millennial voters. Called "a vote for all" (which contrasts nicely with Senator Romney's "47%" fiasco), it features Barrack Obama's Instagram account putting out a call to young voters:
Why are you voting for Barack Obama? Share your photo and your reason using #ForAll, then head to 
If there are three things that define the young generation, it's colleboration, taking pictures of themselves and their surroundings, and telling people what they're up to at all times. Since Instagram  (now owned by Facebook) allows them to do all three, it's a natural fit.

Plus, it has celebrity endorsers.

Besides Natalie Portman  and Ms. Alba, apparently Scarlett Johansson and Jared Leto have also Tweeted their support.

And it looks like it's taking off:

Will this slacktivism turn into higher youth voter turnout, considered crucial for the President's re-election? The fact that this campaign launched so late is actually a good thing, with the short memory and fickle nature of social media. But there are still a few weeks to go.

Update: Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry has already trolled the hashtag.

Man, I love social media politics.


  1. No more war.. oh wait this is the war potus.. never mind and i have now lost all respect for natalie portman to... i love the way we still have GITMO and and started more wars and have a secret kill list and drone people and will cut the poor.. Barry is even more awesome than a houseful of neocons.. hell yeah 4 more wars for war barry the bomber yeah!!! damn the NDAA is sexy.. wrecking the usa on a geo bush of steroids manner is hot... Go Barry safe nuclear for all right?!!

    1. Yes, Anon, and if you express the slightest disagreement with the "kill and destroy" agenda, people look at you as if you have two heads. So it's gotten to this: those who advocate more and more illegal and immoral invasions, assasian lists, and the murder of innocents are the sensible and "patriotic" ones and those opposed are weird nuts. It's never, ever the other way aruond.

  2. OMG and Monsanto tumors are so sexy.. Goitta support a POTUS who wants to feed you toxic GMO's but won't have them on his table.. Sociopathic murderers are so hot. You all must wet yourselves over Bush since you like his policies in hyper drive under Barry.. yes FOR WAR let's destroy the world and Obama is the psycho to do it!!