Thursday, October 25, 2012

Is this boardgame teaching tweens to be boy band groupies?

Go ahead and accuse me of being a dirty old man, but when I saw this boardgame featuring generic boy band One Direction, with the tagline "Be the first to make it backstage!" I did not assume the best.

Here's how Hasbro describes it:
Make it backstage with your favorite boy band with the 1D GIRL TALK game! Can you answer trivia questions? Are you up for the dares on the "Will You Dare?" cards? You can earn a band souvenir every time you answer a question correctly or complete a dare. If you complete your player card and collect the VIP backstage pass, you win!
Okay. You can take this innocently if you want. But I am a cynical old ad guy, and I just can't see a game in which the objective is to take dares to earn a backstage pass for private time with some heartthrob band as having a good influence on girls who will have the opportunity to trade favours for celebrity access in just a few short years.

Blame my upbringing. I saw The Wall, and listened to Joe's Garage, at a young age.

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