Friday, October 5, 2012

KitchenAid has a Twitter malfunction, apologizes like a boss

That happened during Wednesday's debates. Then it went viral. Unfortunately, it can happen to anyone with a poorly trained or rogue social media staff.

But what happened next provides a good example of how to recover.


Take responsibility:

Explain how you are correcting it:

Be humble:

I hope Ms. Soledad is able to use this as a potential learning experience. I hope you do too.


  1. A general comment for your blog - I only discovered it today, initially reacted to the title as "well that's an oxymoron," then spent far too many work hours reading through the archives. This is interesting, frequently funny, occasionally aggravating, and sometimes scary stuff. The time you spend gathering this information and providing your insight is much appreciated.

  2. It's really important to be responsible for whatever things we should say in social networking sites like twitter. This can either concerning our emotions, facts, etc. Whatever it is, we must think a thousand times before we post something because we are responsible of our posts. You will surely regret once you go to jail because of this.

  3. "rouge social media staff"... I presume you mean rogue.