Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Kylie Minogue makes an ass of herself in "sexy" advertising parody

Don't worry. It's not the latest random sex in unrelated advertising.

It is, as David St. Hubbins would say, "making fun of that sort of thing."

The work is by British artist Katerina Jebb, for an exhibition titled" Simulacrum & Hyperbole "

This film of Australian singer/actress Kylie Minogue (whose videos tend to be highly sexualized) was created for an imaginary TV channel called Lucid TV Paris.

Here's an explanation from the official release (which won't let me embed, which is why I used that crude rip above):

In this work ,Jebb sees the boundaries between actuality and satire confused and disrupted.  
In creating an imaginary TV channel, the viewer is offered parody endorsements such as Life Eraser , a new life enhancing beauty cream with the face of Tilda Swinton 
Beautiful and disturbing , the ad infinitum series will launch officially on the Lucid TV Paris Channel in 2013

Other featured cameos in Marisa Berenson , Kristin Scott Thomas and Arielle Dombasle .

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  1. whew! i am glad that is only 30 seconds long...