Friday, November 9, 2012

PETA continues to wage war on (human) fur

Since plain old nudity doesn't seem to grab any attention anymore, PETA has started looking for new taboos to exploit. One of the latest is female pubic hair.

I noted the start of this trend last year, when the animal welfare activists launched this anti-fur campaign:

While I realize that "bush" has been out of fashion among younger people for a few years (in 2010, porn star Sasha Grey provoked actual disgust and outrage when she did a nude scene in Entourage while sporting a pubic tuft) it's been over a year since sources like Jezebel have been declaring its renaissance.

Style aside, I think PETA's parody of pubic hair is dumb. Intimate grooming is increasingly becoming a feminist issue, like leg and pit hair were in the early days. But then again, when you base most of your advertising on sexualizing young women (in this case, model/actress Joanna Krupa) to get cheap attention for animals, I guess you're not to concerned about female empowerment.

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