Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sex in amateur advertising is even worse, somehow

If you want an example of how "sex sells" is a mantra embedded in our society, take a look at this ebay listing for a 1977 Datsun Z-Series 280Z.

The seller, lotuskim, is a regular auto seller on the online auction site, and he wrote the listing with gusto:
ZZZAP!!! Amazing two owner West Coast car with only 49,964 miles as of 11/08/2012. Repainted original Datsun Sunshine Yellow, still has original black upholstery in great condition! Rare features include original factory air conditioning & dealer installed rear window slats. Powered by a fuel injected L28 (2.8 liter) inline overhead cam 6 cylinder, followed up with a 4 speed transmission, independent suspension all the way around, rack and pinion steering, front disc and rear drum brakes makes for a great handling fun to drive 2 seat sports coupe!! Custom touches include an upgraded sound system, custom 17” wheels with Federal 215/40/17 performance radials. Runs and drives fantastic----way cool car!!!!! Fresh service including oil & filter, new battery, alternator, voltage regulator, & clutch slave cylinder. Drive a legand!!!!
(As notes, "In 1977 alone, Datsun made over 55,000 units of these 280Z’s, making them uncommon today, but certainly not rare.")

But exaggeration isn't what made this listing noteworthy. In showing off the car, lotuskim posted more than 20 different pictures of the car, most featuring a provocatively-posed young model identified only as "Lexxa":

This resulted in a few sexualized troll comments in the posting's Q&A. The seller's joking response to one of them, "Nice way to talk about my daughter!!!!," caused the writer to assume that he was serious. The news of which then ended up on Buzzfeed and who knows where else.

In case you're wondering, the old car sold for $7,500. So I guess we can expect a lot more of this kind of thing.

UPDATE: According to Adfreak, Lexxa really is the seller's daughter:
Lexxa Ridley, 20, is the model seen posing provocatively in a series of photos posted by her father, Kim, in an eBay for-sale listing for his 1977 Datsun 280Z.
Papa Ridley—who runs Ridley's Rides in Eugene, Ore.—tells AdFreak, adding that he often uses sexy snaps of his daughter and her pals to move product. "Girls and dogs attract people's attention," he says. He's also used Max, his golden retriever, in ads, including a motorcycle shot with Lexxa driving and the dog in the sidecar.


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