Monday, November 19, 2012

The Disney-Barney's cross-promo is a real nightmare

Barney's New York has partnered with Disney to create "Electric Holiday," a campaign that combines the fantasy of Disneyland with the fantasy of being unnaturally thin and wearing designer clothes.

It's rather long and pretentious, but the climax comes when Tinkerbell uses her magic to transform your dumpy old Disney favourites into  long, lean and chic supermodels at a Paris fashion show.

GIF via Buzzfeed
The cartoon is not really made for kids, but anything with the kid-friendly Disney characters is bound to get in their hands. And what will be the message to them? That Barney's has the high-end fashions you need to live your own piece of the fashion world?

No, that's just the intended message. To adults. Kids, instead, will see that Minnie, Snow White, and all their friends are not happy with their childlike bodies. If they had their way, they would be transformed into perpetually bored, preternaturally thin, highly sexualized things.

If you follow fashion, there are a bunch of caricatures of some fashionable figures. Whatever. This campaign is not helping me think any better of these people. And it might even give me nightmares.

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