Monday, December 17, 2012

Australian beer ads play up travel anxieties

I had always thought of Australians as the ultimate globe-trotters, but I guess they worry about travel inconveniences and danger just like everyone else.

This cheeky campaign by Grey, Canberra, shows everything from being puked on by a baby on the plane to being subjected to a body cavity search at customs and, ultimately, kidnapped by foreign terrorists.

Not exactly a campaign you'd see for the travel industry. And the last one really dials up the xenophobia.

The third one strikes me as going too far, especially since it looks like the're about to execute the cartoon beer. But perhaps we're all hyper-sensitized to gun violence at the moment. 

The ads do, at least, succeed in telling a clear story about the freshness benefit of buying local.

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  1. To avoid those incidence you got to pick vacation place that has a friendly local and the place were you enjoy most.