Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Beware the Christmas Creep!

At Acart, we did something a little different with the agency Christmas card this year. It's an old fashioned morality tale, written in reaction to the way Christmas marketing seems to start a little earlier each year.

This "Christmas Creep" (as Consumerist calls it) is starting to overwhelm the fun of Halloween and Thanksgiving. Worse, it has broken the old taboo of not being festive on Remembrance Day. After Shoppers Drug Mart made headlines by delaying the onset of Christmas music, after customer complaints, it seemed like an opportunity to push back against the trend and make a stand for putting Christmas in its place.

With illustrations  rhyming couplets and online parallax scrolling, it's Dr. Seuss meets Dr. Frankenstein with a 21st Century feel. We had fun with it. It even made Ads of the World.

See the English version here
Or the French version here

You can read more about it on our agency blog, changemarketing.ca

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