Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sales soar for bullet-proof Disney princess backbacks

Via Boing Boing
According to the Daily Mail:

Firms selling bullet-proof children's gear - including Disney Princess and Avengers backpacks lined with Kevlar-type sheeting - are reporting a massive surge in sales in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre. 
Salt Lake City-based Amendment II is among several firms being accused of callously cashing-in on the tragedy in which 26 people were gunned down including 23 children.  
The firm is currently promoting a range of $300 bulletproof backpacks, alongside body armour in children's sizes, and say they have sold as many in a week as they usually sell in three months
Last Friday's mass-killing was devastating to parents everywhere. But the idea that you can somehow armour (or even arm) your children against a similar attack is preposterous. And deeply, deeply sad.

Selling this stuff, on the other hand, is appalling.

At the moment, the site of the online retailer, "Amendment II" is unresponsive.

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