Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The biggest disconnect between ad and product you will see this Xmas

There really are people who think sex can sell anything. But what sex really sells is more sex. If the product can somehow be seen to enhance the consumer's sex appeal — be it a car, clothing, or perfume — then the sexy ad might sell it by association.

The tease, however, might lead to the ultimate letdown. Not only is the "sexy" ad poorly performed and executed, but this is what's in the mystery box:

Yep, that's what you'll find at Australia's O Christmas Tree.

The owner, Catherine Oates- Smith, tells Mumbrella: “Christmas decorations don’t just have to be boring pieces and we’ve tried to make them sexy. Any woman would love to receive one of these gifts, wrapped up seductively in a red box. Think Agent Provocateur meets Santa, this Christmas."

More like Etsy meets Harlequin Romance.

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