Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fiat "celebrates" modern motherhood

Adfreak recently featured this ad from Krow Communications for Fiat UK, featuring an awkwardly-rapping British mum:

As an obvious play for the "mommy blogger" set, it's pretty amusing with its self-deprecating references to nursing, children's filth, oversharing, and an unsatisfying sex life. All it's missing is the constant references to wine dependance, but this is a car ad after all.

AF's Rebecca Cullers points out how there is no man present, which may be a purposeful appeal to both spiritually independent and single mothers. Besides which, she adds, "how this MILF fits herself, Dad and those three kids into the four-seat Fiat 500L is a total mystery."

Natural birth advocates may be annoyed with the casual episiotomy reference, but at least she's breastfeeding (or at least, "expressing").

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