Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bad Valentine's Marketing #4: what, what?

This Australian postcard reads, "This Valentine's, wherever you want to shoot your cupid's arrow, show your true love. This Valentine's Gift of Love is FREE. But if you love truely, [sic] any donation will wing its way to Kirketon Road Centre."

Their rationale, as it appears on Ads of The World:
On a day where the birds and the bees and all things amorous are exploding around us, we thought it the most appropriate time to help raise awareness, and more importantly donations, for the Darlinghurst Kirketon Road Centre through a community based health message this Valentine’s. In an engaging and quirky way to promote love and safety around tomorrow we have distributed thousands of condoms in 70’s inspired graphic packaging through numerous bars and clubs in in the 2010/2011 postcode with the message; This Valentines Day, wherever you want to shoot your cupid’s arrow, remember “Love is...”
The cause is important. The '70s illustration idea is kind of cute. The graphic indication on anal sex is explicit. But the typo, in the DM world, is unforgivable.

Click here if you didn't "get" the headline.

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