Friday, February 22, 2013

Branding women's thighs for fun and profit

I first heard of this trend when Copyranter posted about it yesterday.

Absolute Territory PR is a Japanese company that is renting and selling ad space on young women's thighs.

You heard that right. According to Oddity Central, more than 1,300 women (all over 18) have applied for the agency’s service.

Clients include a number of Japanese domestic brands, but what got the West's attention was their promotion for Green Day's latest album release.

Why the thigh? A 2009 survey of Japanese men on their favourite fetishes ranked "Skin between knee socks and skirt" as the most attractive part of women's bodies. This stretch of upper thigh is known as "absolute territory" — explaining the name of the media buyer.

The idea is that creepy older men are transfixed by these women's thighs anyway, so you might as well put an ad there. As you can see by the screencap above, some of the ads have really small copy, which would require really close inspection. 

If anyone who speaks Japanese cares to wade through the Absolute Territory PR site to see if there are any details on the ad placement contract, please let me know. I wonder if this company is asking women to sign away their rights to not getting eye-groped everywhere they go.

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