Thursday, February 14, 2013

Nothing says "I Love You" like a comically oversized teddy bear for #valentinesday

The bear, not the relationship.
Miss Representation shared this frighteningly bad infomercial by Vermont Teddy Bear. In it, men are exhorted to forgo chocolates and roses, and buy the wife/girlfriend/mistress what she really wants: an oversized teddy bear to cuddle when you're not around.

The gift itself is rather infantile. But the infomercial is really bad, attempting to position the bear as some kind of sexy gift.

If you want to underscore the sexiness of giving plush for Valentine's Day, you can also opt for "Teddy With a Teddy". Or, for your best chance of getting laid (or scaring her far, far away) shell out $29,999 for their "giant bear with a 5.90 carat diamond ring". Just make it clear that you're the one proposing...

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