Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"You're not the first" to do this awful, sexist concept, either

Just caught this ad on Illegal Advertising. Seem familiar?

Two years ago, I featured these other shitty used car ads with the same concept:

Maybe the worst things people say about used car salesmen are true. Even when they work for Aston Martin...

Of course, it is highly unlikely that this is a real Aston Martin ad. Someone has just doctored this up in Photoshop and posted it online. After which it went viral. 
The most important hint that this is fake is the typo in the ad:it says “PRE OWED” instead of “PRE OWNED”. 
A quick search on Google Images shows that the photo was taken from the January 2012 issue of Playboy Germany, showing dutch Playmate Rosanne Jongenelen. 
The message is not original either. The same tagline was used in 2008 by BMW to advertise their Premium Selection. Yes, that ad was real.
That's a relief. (Although typos are no dead giveaway, anymore.) Nice shot at BMW, BTW.

Thanks to Remy Lanselle for the tip.


  1. You didn't catch the typo the first time? Keep the post up. Nice leg.


  2. http://www.creativecriminals.com/images/nearlynewcars1.jpg

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  4. Go have sex instead !!!

  5. Typo in the text? What text?